I’ve had a privilege of working with Peter Swartz / Color Space Finishing for my feature "KARATE KILL."
Peter is an artist, storyteller and amazing collaborator. He articulately materialized our vision of the story using his color grading skills.
I'm so pleased with Peter's finishing touches on our picture and I can't wait to collaborate with him again.
- Kurando Mitsutake - Director

It’s extremely rare to find a colorist like Peter Swartz who combines artistry and technical brilliance on such a high level. Every movie I’ve worked on with Peter has gone on to win various cinematography awards and that is hugely part to his coloring work. More than anything Peter genuinely cares about each project he takes on; he puts in the time and works for hours, regardless of budget, to find the right look. He continually impresses me with not only his skill but also his kindness and patience. He’s a DP’s dream and a producer’s answered prayer.
- Akis Konstantakopoulos, GSC - Cinematographer