Bringing together the very best of yesterday with the most cutting edge digital technology of today. Color Space Finishing's state-of-the-art tools are second to none. Peter grades exclusively on Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve considered the most advanced and powerful color corrector on the planet. The studio also relies exclusively on Sony’s latest and most advanced Academy Award winning TRIMASTER EL monitor Series, the defacto gold standard in color grading. Honored with a 2015 Scientific and technical Academy Award, the BVM-F250A's ultra-pure primaries reproduce an unprecedented range of colors like no other monitor in the world.

DaVinci color correctors have been the standard since the mid-eighties. The 12.5 Resolve, with its massive update of over 1,000 enhancements and 250 new features, unmatched new media management and organization functions offers unlimited grading with the creative tools colorists need today.

But as good as cutting edge technology is… Peter is a PURIST at heart. Much like a high-end audiophile opting for a tube amplifier over a transistor one, Peter relies on a world class CRT Color "Vector scope.” This class of instrument allows for a more three dimensional display, allowing Peter to create more refined grades for his clients.